Patient Testimonials

Cindy. Amanda, and Sandra are amazing! I drive from Cayce to Camden because of the great service and staff! If you can’t hear you must go here!

Danny Vance- Google Review


Took my senior friends hearing aids in for repair. In and out in a matter of minutes. Great staff and very courteous.

Darleen Dixon- Google Review


Cyndi is amazing! I love my hearing aids!

Donna Karen Leadingham- Google Review


I can’t tell you how life changing this will be. When he first got hearing aids, I thought life was good. These are game changers. The TV is at the lowest volume I can remember and he isn’t using the amplifier. It might not seem like a big deal to most people, but you have made the biggest difference for us. He is thrilled with the results as am I. I hated having to raise my voice when talking to him and now I don’t have to.  We will be mindful of any changes and will let you know if anything that might need adjusting!  Thanks again,  Marguerite Carlton


When my wife said she wanted divorce but I thought she was wanting to get another horse, I knew I needed Palmetto Hearing for Me and my family.

Leonard Watson-  Facebook review


Cindy, Sandra, and Amanda are amazing! Without any reservation I highly recommend Palmetto Hearing! I drive from Cayce, SC to them because they have taken excellent care of my hearing needs before, during, and after the sale! I guarantee you will be glad you chose this family of hearing specialist!

Danny Vance- Left as a Google Review


Loved the service , excellent patient care . Highly recommended . Sweet and kind and very understanding even if you can’t hear . Fixed my problem right away and I am so much of a happier person . Thank you

review from Claudia on BBB website


You can’t go wrong at Palmetto Hearing! Quality products and caring, knowledgeable staff! Best place in town!

reviews from Charles Royster, [email protected] (zip code: 29020) on 11/26/2019


I love my new hearing aids!  Before I had to have the volume on the tv up to 50, but with my new aids it’s down to 13!  I also love the rechargeable option vs batteries like I had before, and also being able to pair the aids with my phone.

Barbara Eddings


After visiting several hearing services in the midlands, I had almost decided all were either crooks or had no real knowledge of the science of assisted hearing. Fortunately, then I met Cyndi at Palmetto Hearing. She knows her stuff, listens very well, and makes sensible and viable recommendations. Don’t mind driving to Camden for such good professional help.

George Johnson


The team at Palmetto Hearing are great. They care about the patients and they will provide you with first class service.  Highly recommended!!!!  Thank you so much.

S.k. David L. Morales


After much TRAVEL, MONEY AND CHANGES for the hearing aids, with one visit to Palmetto Hearing, Cyndi did so much for me. I can understand words, hear on the phone and hear much better in crowds! I totally believe in Palmetto Hearing!!

I have nothing but great feelings toward Palmetto Hearing and Cyndi! I was trying to do what I was told and PAID for but got no satisfaction (at another provider.) Cyndi has helped me more than I can say and told me things about the hearing aids I was never told…this makes a person with a hearing problem feel so much better!! Thank you “Cyndi!!!

Penny Palmer, Camden, SC


Palmetto Hearing in Camden, SC is the best. Cyndi Henderson has been in the hearing aid business longer than anyone in SC. My aids were totally not working when I visited Palmetto Hearing yesterday. Thirty minutes later I walked out with both aids as good as new. Trust Cyndi. No BS, no hard sell, just a knowledgeable and kind person.

Julie Cooper, Irmo, SC


Today has been life changing!!! Today at approximately 3pm, Cyndi fit me with hearing aids!

1- Today I heard a noise outside. I actually looked in the direction of the noise!!! I lost my “direction of sound” years ago! Miracle!!!
2- I realized hearing loss is much like loss of sight. I didn’t realize how “blurry” I was hearing until it became “crisp”!
3- I have always been a loud talker. Part of my charm. My family would always ask me “Stop yelling. We are in the same room!” Now Cyndi said she noticed I talk much lower.
4- On the way home I freaked out because I heard a noise coming from my car… Took off the hearing aids and realized, I was just too deaf to hear it before!!!
5- I realized the air cleaner in my bedroom is actually loud!
6- That maybe my family was actually right about the TV being too loud ?
7- I smack my mouth when I eat! I so just annoyed myself!

I was going to keep this a secret… It’s kinda embarrassing… However in 3 hours my world has opened up! I had to share my testimony! Maybe one of my friends has been keeping this same secret? If so, come to our office and see Cyndi so she can open your world of sound too! Thank you Cyndi!!!  ??

Lori Fields, Lexington, SC


After much TRAVEL, MONEY, AND CHANGES for the hearing aids (purchased from another provider) with one visit to Palmetto Hearing, Cindy did so much for me.  I can understand words, hear on the phone, and hear much better in crowds!  I totally believe in Palmetto Hearing!!

Penny Palmer


Cindy, We want to say “Thank You” for all of your help with my hearing aids.  You don’t know how much we appreciate all you do.  You’re special to us and we value our friendship with you.   Love, Eloise & Jeanie


Couldn’t imagine going to anyone else!  Thank you Cyndi for all that you do for Jack and I….Quality hearing has really made a difference in our lives, but it doesn’t stop there!  Just knowing that if we have a problem or need maintenance, help is just a phone call away.  Thanks for all that you and your staff do and thanks for your beautiful friendship!

Connie and Jack Kaigler


Love the place.

Jay Price, Columbia, SC


It’s a brand new world Cyndi…amazing what I was missing because my hearing was so limited.  Almost feel like you’re a guardian angel- thanx for a great job!

Milt Dereyna, Columbia, SC


I so appreciate the help, dedication and life support you have given our hearing impaired family. You rock!! …just awesome to let people know what a difference they make…we so appreciate you.

Doug M., Bluffton, SC


Cindy and her staff are absolutely awesome!  They have delivered the best service with kindness and genuine concern!  You will not find a better group of people than Palmetto Hearing!  I recommend them without reservation!

Danny O.,  Cayce, SC


Cyndi, many thanks for so lovingly taking care of my hearing needs.  You and your dear Mother are my cherished and beloved friends.  So grateful-

B. G. 


Thanks so much, Cyndi, for my Therapy session!!  You are so helpful, and it is a joy to come to your place…from the entrance way, with your lovely Mom, to the personal attention and help from you!!  I was thrilled to see you on TV the other night, and you advertise with Class. A body gets so tired of all these lengthy colored ads in the paper: one trying to outdo the other!!  I hope one day my deaf friends will pick up the phone and call you.  You DO come highly recommended!!  Thanks again for everything!!

Barbara Finch


My experience with Palmetto Hearing over the past 20 or more years has been absolutely the best. Five stars for all of those years.

Julie Cooper


Being very pessimistic about getting hearing aids, I finally consented to get an appointment with Cyndi, provided my wife get an appointment too.  Cyndi did a great job programming the devices, fitting both of us with what we need.  I operate a chainsaw and go to hear my grandson’s symphony, and can hear great!  Thanks Cyndi!

Reggie Price


The best and most personable in the business!  I have been wearing hearing aids for 18 years and have been through countless hearing aid consultants.  Cindy at Palmetto Hearing has been by far the most friendly, informative, and caring professional I have ever dealt with.  Great people!

A Google User (review was left on our page)


I heard the timer and the oven beep for the first time!  I never knew the refrigerator had an alarm if I left it open too long.  The keypad at the office beeps when you unlock it and I didn’t know that either, and I’ve been there for a year.  The biggest advantage to me is that I can hear my grandkids and I can also hear in meetings now.  I hear better on the phone than I ever have!

A. Scott Ellis


Ms. Henderson,  Your helpfulness and personal attention and assistance with my hearing device certainly was valued.  The staff in your office are always helpful and professional.   My thanks-

Dr. D. Shaw,  Forest Acres


This is my third set of hearing aids from Palmetto Hearing, and it has been a wonderful experience.  The most recent set, by Siemens, has greatly improved my hearing and work well even in noisy environments.  I highly recommend Cyndi and staff at Palmetto Hearing. They are friendly, helpful, and really back up their products.  You cannot go wrong with Palmetto Hearing.

K. McLaurin


I hear things every day that I’ve never heard before, like the paintbrush when I’m painting.  It’s nice being able to hear.

SH- Columbia, SC



Cyndi and Staff-  A special thank you for repairing my hearing aid.  It has always been a good feeling to know that you care… I’m blessed and I know that you are too-

HC- Columbia, SC


I am most grateful to you Cyndi for the many ways you have helped me select an aid to best help my hearing loss. You have worked with me to adjust my new aid “up, down, and all around” for my daily lifestyle situations. I now feel secure (a good fit in ear canal), and hearing is much improved. You are indeed a specialist! My sincere appreciation and thank you Cyndi.

AEAB- Camden, SC

Cyndi, Thank you for all the hard work you did for me with my hearing aids! Patience is one of the things I admire about you-

MB- Columbia, SC


Thanks again for everything that you have done to give me back my hearing! And for being so patient when I would not listen!! You’re the best!!!

Lt. Ronn Thompson, Columbia, SC

Dear Mrs. Henderson,

Thank you so very much for the kind understanding and help you have given me with my hearing problems, after the lack of care I had received elsewhere. I truly appreciate all the many ways you have taken to restore my aid as it should have been when purchased. I hope you will take me on as a regular client. Thank you again.

A. Boykin, Camden, SC

My name is Linda Fabbro and I recently purchased a Siemens hearing aid from Palmetto Hearing. My Profession as a Flight Attendant requires me to have the ability to hear so many different sounds at so many different levels at all times. With jet engines running, passengers asking questions, and other background noises on an aircraft flight, it can be hard to hear each and every sound when you have some type of hearing loss. My new Siemens hearing aid not only lets me hear each and every sound, but separates the sounds with such clarity, its like having no hearing loss at all. It can be programmed to fit your type of hearing loss, and is extremely comfortable with just a small wire and speaker that easily fits into your ear canal. Cyndi Henderson was so informative, and answered all my questions. I left Palmetto Hearing with all the knowledge I needed for my new hearing aid, and the ability to hear with such brilliance and clarity. I can’t say enough about this hearing aid, and highly recommend it to anyone.

Linda Fabbro

I’ve been saying for a long time, to those who can’t hear (say What? HUH??) to “Go to see Cyndi at Palmetto Hearing!” Well, my friend Nita calls and asks me again about “Who is my Hearing Aid Lady” because she needs help with her aids; that she isn’t wearing them, etc. I told her she needs to go back where she bought them, and she responded with “I DON’T LIKE HIM!” I told her I just didn’t know if she should go to you with a problem with the aids and she said she was still going to call you. Later, she called exclaiming, “I LOVE HER! She is wonderful and did so much for me – cleaned my aids and my ears”, etc., and is wearing her aids again. Anyway, I am grateful to you for helping out my long-time friend. She went back to Rice and told everybody in the place about you. You have a fan in Nita. As for me, thank you for all you did for me in June and take care, for the health of it!

Barbara Finch, Columbia, SC

To Whom It May Concern:

The Siemens Hearing aids are great! The audiologist, Dr. Langley, did a great job fitting the aids and was also great. I love them!

P.J.T. – Camden, SC

I went to Palmetto Hearing Service with a hearing aid that I purchased from another source. I explained what was wrong and Dr. Langley was very cordial and assisted me with my problem.

M.J. – Camden, SC

Dear Amanda,

I have several reasons for having written this letter. First, I want to thank you most sincerely, for making it possible for me to have hearing aids. Had it not been for your efforts in my behalf, I would not be getting hearing aids. You will never know how much this means to me.

Next, it is my hope that you will give a copy of my letter to whoever heads up your agency for, as a Sr. citizen and appreciative customer I want, very much, for them to know what a valuable asset they have in having you as an employee. In addition to being a lovely individual, your manner and skills with old folks like me (84) are exceptional. Further the way you handle people, your dedication to your profession and your testing skills are the best I’ve ever seen and, finally, it is remarkable these days to find a young person that is so articulate and that can explain how this hi-tec equipment works. I am very alert to people, courtesy and service and it is very clear that you like what you are doing, that you have trained well for the job and most importantly, you “care”.

I am excited about my hearing aids and as I benefit from them, I will not forget how and where I got them.


Ross E. Beard, Jr., Brigadier General, S.C.M.D., Camden, SC

My husband John has worn two sets of hearing aids from another company, but Amanda recently fit him with new Siemens hearing aids. I have to say that it is so nice to be heard without screaming, nice to get answers and not be ignored, and most of all, nice to enjoy quiet talks again. John has come out of a seemingly silent, lonely world into a new world- hearing the neighbor’s donkeys braying at feeding time, to hearing the birds chirp and dodging the hummingbirds fighting over the nectar- hearing a car or golf cart coming down the gravel road. These new aids have begun a whole new era for us!

Pat & John Jaynes, Columbia, SC

I recently purchased from Palmetto Hearing the new Siemens Micon hearing aids. They are simply amazing and have made such a positive difference in my ability to hear, and therefore, my life.

Over the years I have had two sets of hearing aids from a different company which did not measure up to the Siemens. I finally feel normal with my hearing ability even though I have a severe hearing loss in both ears. Now I can hear others enunciate words and I, in turn, recognize that my pronunciation of words has become more fluent. My family and friends have noticed a difference also. I no longer ask them to repeat what they have said. I am thrilled to say with Siemens new technology, I can now make eye contact with others during a conversation instead of watching their lips to help me understand.

On a different note, I must comment on the service I have received from Amanda and the staff of Palmetto Hearing. They have been very patient and eager to listen to my concerns while doing so in a relaxed, unhurried manner. I have been very excited to have this opportunity to interact with others in different types of situations with more self-confidence. When I relate my experiences to them, I can sense the excitement they feel for me as well.

I highly recommend the Siemens Micons and the staff of Palmetto Hearing.

L.J. age 65, Camden, SC

“When I got my first hearing aids 25 years ago I went outside and sat on my steps and was amazed at what I had been missing. I was able to hear the crickets and the frogs for the first time in years and it was a profound moment for me. It’s the little things that are so important- hearing is the most valuable part of life to me because you have to be able to communicate. Cyndi recently replaced my hearing aids and they are by far the best I’ve ever had. I’ve never been able to use hearing aids with the phone before because of feedback, but I’m able to use these with no problem. I highly recommend anyone with a hearing loss to see the folks at Palmetto Hearing- they have done a wonderful job for me.” —

Clarence Stokes, Camden, SC

“Before Amanda fit me with my Siemens hearing aids, I didn’t realize how much I was missing. Now I can hear and understand. How wonderful! Now I can enjoy church services and family gatherings without missing half the conversations. I can hear so much now that I could not hear before, even the raindrops and singing birds. It’s wonderful! I love my Siemens hearing aids. They’re the best thing I’ve ever given myself.”

Salome White, Camden, SC

“Recently I had lunch with several ladies and one questioned me about the problems related to wearing hearing aids. Having worn one, then two aids for the past 25 years I gladly shared the advantages the have provided for me, much the same as having to wear eye glasses and yes -my dentures. When we replace our God-given body parts there is a difference as to sound, what we see and an unbelievable adjustment when we give up our natural teeth! Nothing takes the place of our natural body parts. However, wearing a hearing aid is better than guessing what the conversation is about, or not hearing the early morning sound of the birds singing their heart out- or the chuckles of a happy baby-maybe a chat on the phone with a relative or close friend. The complaint we hear the most is that voices and sounds are not as natural as we remember them. How long has it been since you had normal hearing? Can you be sure you remember? As time passes our hearing loss will become greater and soon we will be avoided and put on the back burner as a result of having to ask, “What did you say?” Mrs. Henderson is a qualified, well trained audio specialist and will work with expertise and patience to help solve your hearing loss problems. Dropping the hearing aid in a drawer is not fair to you or your consultant as it defeats the purpose for which it was intended. Cyndi has worked with my problems far beyond the call of duty, but slowly and surely they are being corrected. I agree, they are expensive, but so are cars, boats, vacations and most everything else in this modern world but we owe it to ourselves to enjoy life and be happy even if it takes artificial help. Our loved ones would not want our last years to be a waste- think about it. I hope these few thoughts will help you to make a decision to better the quality of your life. Have written this in truth and love trusting God to do the rest.”

Avril Steinert, Columbia, SC

“Cyndi & Staff, Thank you for every courtesy extended to Melvin and I on behalf of helping us make the surroundings more enjoyable purchasing my hearing aids. Thank you so much. It has been fun to have enjoyed our relationship bringing back fond memories these past two months. Love all”

Queen Byrd, Camden, SC

“Dear Cyndi, I want to thank you for your help and assistance. We believe that people are placed in our paths for a reason and I know you truly were. I’m sure some days are very hectic but remember the Lord has placed you there for a reason. When you feel you are not making a difference, think of our family. This was a major thing for my husband and I and the last thing you want is to be taken advantage of. I felt very much at ease with you and so did our parents. Thank you for being there – thank you for yielding to the Lord and walking in his ways. “For the steps of a righteous man (woman) are ordered by the Lord.” Have a beautiful day!

Vicky Billingsley, Goose Creek, SC

“Thanks for the great job you do, and thank you for being so kind and patient with me. It means so much to know someone like you.”

S. Evans, Columbia, SC

“Cyndi, thank you. The thoughts conveyed by two simple words carry much meaning when said with sincerity. I know you to be caring, but more than that, you took your time to help me. I’ll not forget this kindness. Agape”

M. Glisson, Columbia, SC